ABOUT Fireworks Spectaculars

We hear it time and again that “Everyone Loves Fireworks”! All of us at Fireworks Spectaculars share that love, but to us it’s even more.  We have passion, desire and commitment to make every show the best that it can be.  

Fireworks Spectaculars Canada Ltd | Fireworks Show | Pyromusical

Fireworks Spectaculars started in 2001, when a young Brad Dezotell started his own fireworks display company.  His vision and determination to bring fireworks to a new level attracted like-minded designers, supervisors and apprentices to grow the company into an industry leader.

Based in Calgary, we perform over 160 shows each year and have been invited to supply, choreograph and perform at some of the largest events in Canada, and now internationally.

 We are committed to continuous learning and teaching, participating in training courses for new pyrotechnicians and helping them find their way in the industry, while always looking for the best practices, people, gear and product to keep us at the top.

 The end result is a great, awe-inspiring show for you as an organizer or sponsor that enthralls your audience and keeps them coming back, no matter the size or budget of your show.

Equipment and Coordination

Fireworks Spectaculars Canada Ltd | Fireworks Show | Pyromusical

Fireworks Spectaculars prides itself on finding the best gear to design and run our shows. 

 We use the best scripting software - Visual Show Director and ShowSim 3D for our designers.  These programs allow our designers to effectively use their time in creating sophisticated and powerful shows, and then to view them on a computer in real time and in 4D to make sure the show is to our high standards before it gets to the site and is produced live.

 On site, our supervisors use the FireOneTM & PyrodigitalTM computer controlled firing systems.  We choose the system for what it allows us to do from a design and safety perspective.  These Computer controlled systems allow us the ability to fire a shell within one-thirtieth of a second allows for perfect synchronization with music in a pyromusical show.  Add in the ability to lock out specific shells, if and when weather conditions change during a show, ensuring ultimate safety for the audience and you can see why this system is considered the pinnacle of fireworks technology.

The Best product from the best Suppliers

As an innovator in fireworks, Fireworks Spectaculars looks for and uses the best product we can find from around the world. Our suppliers include companies that have been producing fireworks for generations and represent the best of the best.

One of the biggest challenges in the fireworks industry is keeping up to date with all of the new products coming into the market. Fireworks Spectaculars Canada is constantly seeking to take our shows to a higher level, so we are always investigating new suppliers, products, and effects.  We are always evaluating our current stock, ensuring that it meets our quality requirements.

Fireworks Spectaculars Canada Ltd | Fireworks Show | Pyromusical

The list below represents the range of suppliers that contribute to our ongoing success.

  • Pirotechnia Caballer S.A. - Spain
  • Pirotechnia Zaragozana - Spain
  • Lidu Fireworks - China
  • Dancing Fireworks - China
  • Panzera SAS - Italy
  • Vulcan Fireworks – China
  • Rozzi Famous Fireworks - USA
  • Ultratech Special Effects - USA
  • Next FX Pyrotechnics – USA