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Fireworks Spectaculars has become a leader in the Canadian fireworks industry for its designs, product and professionalism.   We offer many services including traditional shows, pyromusicals, professional sound production, turnkey services and award winning designs.  


Let your imagination run wild and you’ll realize that fireworks are ideal for an unlimited range of occasions at virtually any budget. Large or small, every FSC customer is equally important and benefits from our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s a Canada Day event, New Year's Eve celebration, or corporate BBQ, on a barge, from a rooftop, or in a city park, we have the expertise, technical resources and creative vision to dazzle your audience.

 The last thing you want is to have to deal with adding more paperwork and organization to an already full schedule.  That’s why we offer “Turn-Key” service.  When you hire Fireworks Spectaculars, we work with you and cover the following:

  • Permitting (local, provincial and federal as required) for the fireworks display
  • Insurance - as required by government regulations, we carry a 5 Million dollar liability policy 
  • Site Inspection – if needed we survey the location and advise on shooting zone, fallout area, spectator areas and security needs 
  • Coordination ­– attending meetings and working with related agencies like, police, fire departments and landowners 
  • Soundtrack & Show Design
  • Accredited FSC Supervisor – and any necessary crew
  • Spectacular Fireworks – shells, equipment, firing supplies and related products
  • Safety – on set-up and take down, initial post-show clean-up and inspection


There are two basic types of shows when it comes to fireworks, traditional and pyromusical.

A traditional show is a pyrotechnic performance designed to stand alone.  There may be musical accompaniment, but the show is not designed with the music in mind.  The majority of professional fireworks shows performed in Canada are traditional.

A pyromusical is a show designed in synchronicity with music.  Shell bursts and effects are choreographed to match with points in a pre-recorded soundtrack.  The show is performed using a computerized firing system to link the fireworks and the soundtrack.  Both the soundtrack and the fireworks are custom designed around a theme, with the fireworks reflecting the tone and style of the music.


Traditional Shows

The majority of professional fireworks shows performed in Canada are considered to be “traditional”.  Our traditional shows are custom designed to meet the expectations of the sponsor.  From the opening segment that grabs the audience’s attention, through a series of tableaus that showcase the wide range of product available, to the spectacular finale with its thunderous conclusion, the traditional show performed by FSC is the perfect highlight for just about any event!   

Pyromusical Shows


Fireworks Spectaculars Canada Ltd | Fireworks Show | Pyromusical

A true “pyromusical” fireworks show is performed using a computerized firing system that synchronizes the fireworks with a musical sound track.  The sound track is custom designed with the theme of the event in mind (Canada Day, New Year’s Eve, wedding, birthday, etc.), and the fireworks reflect the tone and style of the music.

Please note that a pyromusical should not be confused with a traditional show that is accompanied by music.  Musical accompaniment will enhance a traditional show, but it is not the same as a pyromusical.  Without a design and firing system featuring  the  accuracy,  safety  and  capabilities  of  a  Pyrodigital™ or FireOne™, the quality of the performance is noticeably lower.

Fireworks Spectaculars Canada Ltd | Fireworks Show | Pyromusical

Many factors affect the budget of each pyromusical, such as site requirements, musical choices, and shell selection. The above numbers are provided as examples and for initial budgeting purposes only. The per minute figures are based upon the average cost of shows we have performed and include all the expenses associated with producing your show. Fireworks Spectaculars offers these services with all of our pyromusicals: Computer Controlled Pyromusical Shows (Pyrodigital) Pyro Musical Choreography (Fire One software) - Professional custom designs by awarded Choreographer -Sound Track Editing and Recording Services -Set up, take down and firing of fireworks/pyrotechnics - Fully Insured and Licenced service

Rooftops, barges, close proximity

FSC has a wide range of experience with “non-traditional” or high logistical shows such as rooftops and barges, as well as close proximity pyrotechnics. These all require more planning and permits than other shows and generally require a site visit by one of our professionals to evaluate the possibilities.


FSC has been accredited by the "Explosives Regulatory Division" to provide training to new and upgrading Technicians & Supervisors.  Through us you can now do your Government of Canada safety Course; Apprenticeships shows; and continue on working towards getting all the necessary experience for your endorcements!